Pregnancy Update: Week 20

This week, I hit the halfway (!) point of my pregnancy.   20 down, 20 to go.

I continue to be blessed in having a fairly easy pregnancy, with fatigue being the biggest change (my husband would attest to my falling asleep by 8:30 on the couch, most nights).   My FitBit confirms a solid 8+ hours each night, consistently over the past week.

I know this will not last once the baby comes.   I’m aware.   I’m cherishing every last drop of sleep that I can right now and know that I also probably won’t sleep well for the next 18+ years.   Yawn.

We’ve also seen this sweet face via ultrasound and I’ve felt him kicking a few times.  

We’ve decided that he’ll be named after my father & my husband.   Two of the most important men in my life and also two of the most incredible men on the face of this Earth.   So no pressure, Baby Ricks.   You have a lot to live up to, with these 2 namesakes.

Size of the baby (per ‘What to Expect’):   mango
Weight gain:  On track
Cravings:   Pizza & ice cream –  in other words, nothing new or unusual to this pregnancy 🙂
New symptoms:   heartburn & round ligament pain
Exercise:   still continuing my weekly routine, which is a mix of running, Pilates/barre, yoga, Zumba, Flywheel and sometimes a strength/conditioning workout like a bootcamp or Orange Theory.    I don’t push myself too hard and instead focus on working out for the baby’s health, not overall fitness.
What I’m looking forward to:   some upcoming family weekends


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