I love Easter

In the past few years, I’ve realized that Easter has become my favorite holiday.   Amongst the obvious reasons, it’s a time of the year when winter dies and spring emerges and life picks up an energy of anticipation for warmer weather and summer … then fall… then Christmas.

Easter also symbolizes re-birth and new beginnings.   In 2012, my husband and I relocated to Charlotte, NC after spending our first years post-college “in-transition” until we decided to put roots down in the lovely city of Charlotte.    Easter was our first weekend of being new Charlotte residents and I can clearly remember attending Easter services, brunch and then dinner with friends that first weekend and knowing how much we were going to love life in our new city.

Having lived in the Northeast for a few years, our first weekend as Charlotte residents, we couldn’t help noticing all the trees in the city.   When I mentioned this to my good friend, she said, “really?   I haven’t noticed” and I realized she wasn’t being ignorant, just that having lived in Charlotte since middle school, she hadn’t realized that the trees in the city were all that unusual.   Which is even more ironic that she lived in New Jersey until she was 15.

My point here is that for as long as we live in Charlotte, I resolve to never stop noticing the trees, especially around Easter when they flower and bloom.  

Another reason Easter holds a special place in my heart is because our “first-born” Charlie was born on Easter sunday in 2012.   We recently celebrated his 4th birthday with friends, dogs & babies at Sycamore on a beautiful spring Sunday afternoon.  2016’s Easter was memorable as we had all our wonderful family here for an extended weekend.   My sister-in-law, also pregnant, treated the ladies in the family to a high tea at the Ballantyne resort.   Top notch.

We also ate a lot of food and everyone decorated their own cupcakes as their favorite Muppet (aka “Mupcakes”).

I love Easter for all the reasons above but am especially thankful this year to have been with family and puppies, celebrating new life 🙂


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