Pregnancy Week 28 update: 3rd Trimester

This week marked the start of my third trimester… oh we’re getting down to the wire and I’m starting to sport a nice little bump now:

Size of the baby (per ‘What to Expect’):   head of cauliflower (~ 2.5+ lbs)

Weight gain:  On track

Cravings:   SWEETS :-)

Symptoms:   heartburn & round ligament pain (nothing new)

Checkup:   No gestational diabetes (whew!)  and everything is on track and looking good.   Doctor Wicker said at 28 weeks, all babies are roughly 2.5 lbs and from here on out, it’s up to genetics and what I eat to determine the size of the baby…. maybe I WILL curb the ice cream a lil 🙂

Exercise:   continuing my weekly routine:  1x Orange Theory, Flywheel, Zumba.   Have had to cut back on running due to round ligament pain but still able to do the “20 min sprints” workout my husband and I developed…. but only with a good 20 min walk/jog warmup for me.   This is key to managing the RLP.      Also have been trying to walk Charlie daily (1-2 miles) and this week will start a pre-natal yoga series.

My friend Meredith and I did a double Flywheel + Flybarre Prince class this week.

What I’m looking forward to:   our Memorial Day “babymoon” in the mountains

Weekend Highlights:     Dinner with our Wake Friends, Labor Support class and Saturday afternoon outing with friends & puppies!


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